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Stop the development of female pattern baldness and fight against it

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Just like men, women may be affected by hair loss as well. Abnormal or excessive hair loss is also known as alopecia. There are numerous kinds of alopecia, but female pattern baldness is the most frequent type of hair loss in women. All hair loss of men or women has in common the fact that it signals when something is not right in the body. Diseases, genetics, hormone imbalance or several conditions may trigger female pattern baldness.

provillusProvillus is a natural treatment. This product is offering healthy regrowth of hair in both women and men. Containing efficient ingredients that get to the root of the problem, Provillus successfully stops hair loss and restores the healthy appearance of scalp.

Each hair is located in the follicle, a small cavity on scalp. When the hair follicles shrink, over time, the hair becomes finer and shorter, leading to a reduced lifespan of hairs and eventually to hair loss. The follicle will not grow new hair, as long as the reason which triggered the hair loss is still present. But the follicles stay alive, making it possible to grow new hairs.

Although female pattern baldness does not have a certain cause, it may be linked to age, genetics or changes in the levels of hormones (due to pregnancy, menopause).

Female pattern baldness is significantly different from male pattern baldness. This type of hair loss in women manifests as a thinning of the top and crown of scalp, frequently beginning with an extending through the center hair part, while the front hairline will not be affected (unlike male pattern baldness). Female pattern baldness does not lead to total baldness, as seen in many men.

The diagnosis of female pattern baldness is typically relied on the appearance of the scalp, the medical history and on investigating what other conditions may lead to hair loss. Your doctor should seek for other signs of hormone imbalances, such as changes in menstrual periods, new acne or abnormal hair growth (on the face and even on the rest of your body).

Blood test and even a skin biopsy may be necessary in order to diagnose correctly the source of your female pattern baldness. Based on the results of these tests, your doctor will suggest you the best treatment.

Preventing hair loss in women is possible by taking proper care of your hair and eating a healthy diet rich in nutrients. Some supplements may prove to be extremely useful especially if taken even from the first signs of hair thinning.

Provillus is one of the best natural treatments that may be taken even from the start of hair loss, being medically approved and not requiring a medical prescription. Including in its composition powerful ingredients that stop the hair loss and promote the regrowth of healthy hair, Provillus has a special formula designed especially for the needs of women and helping them to regain a beautiful and healthy scalp.

Do not let female pattern baldness ruin your image! Get Provillus and fight against hair loss!