Natural Hives treatment Options that are Available At Home

Oct 24th, 2013 by admin in Hives treatment

Hives can be described as allergic reactions that lead to the appearance of red skin lesions that are large and irritant. The lesions occur in groups or in isolation in any part of the body. Hives are also referred to as urticarial because they entail the existence of red bumps whose appearance is that of nettle stings. There are natural hives treatment options that are available at home. The advantage with natural treatment is that there are no side effects, yet they offer relief or help get rid of the condition.
One natural hives treatment is cornstarch bath. You just need to add cornstarch and bathing soda into lukewarm water and have a bath. A bath with soda and cornstarch is a cure for hives. Avoid using water that is cold or hot because it may trigger the reaction further.
Calamine lotion will soothe the skin. It also prevents further erosion or itchiness over the rashes. While this lotion does not cure the rash, it offers great allergy relief. Chamomile solution also prevents burning sensation and itchiness due to hives. Add chamomile to water in a tub. This relaxing solution helps relief the negative symptoms. However, you need to soak in this solution until the sensation calms down, or you can take Oxyhives natural hives remedy.
When you are aware of what foods are causing of the hives, avoid them. Even as you avoid such food, stick to a healthy diet while paying special attention to the foods that will help boost the immunity of your body. Some of the foods that are known to trigger include dairy products, tree nuts, tomatoes and chocolate. Note that there are people who are allergic to ingredients used in processed foods like polysorbate, sulfites and salicylates. The allergic reaction is caused by these ingredients or foods because they promote the production of high levels of histamine in the body.
Peppermint and aloe Vera are natural hives treatment options that enjoy wide popularity. Peppermint solution has a refreshing and relaxing effect on the affected skin. If suffering from hives, this solution will help relief itchiness and inflammation. Today, many skin care products have aloe Vera as a natural ingredient. The aloe Vera extract is useful on hives owing to the soothing effects. Aloe Vera ensures that you are comfortable even with the reaction.
Around the world, ginger is referred to as “the wonder drug.” You can take ginger in various ways, for example, when incorporated into food. Ensure that you purchase fresh ginger and cut of its skin in order to expose the inner part. Gently daub it onto the affected skin parts. For a soothing cooling effect, it is advisable for you to place the ginger in a refrigerator beforehand.
While some people can uncover the cause of the hives, some cannot. Regardless of whether you know the cause or not, the above natural hive treatment options help in curing or relieving the symptoms. The allergic reaction often lasts for a few days. If it occurs for a prolonged period of time or is accompanied by complications like difficulty in breathing, you should see a certified doctor.

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