Deer antler velvet

May 4th, 2013 by admin in Products

Deer antler velvet is created from a soft substance that is mostly seen on the antlers of the male deer. It is that substance that is primarily responsible for the increased growth of the antlers. A unique amino acid aids this growth. Science has gone ahead to create a natural supplement that that’s designed to assist safe and quality muscle growth. The deer antler velvet is referred to as growth hormone Insulin like growth factor 1 or IGF-1.
Importance of the Deer antler velvet
IGF-1 is the amino acid most important to the growth of the human muscle. The amino acid assists the synthesis of the protein thus resulting to the increase of the lean muscles that have greater endurance and have increased strength and stamina due to the production of the red blood cells.
The dear antler velvet increases the production of the white blood cells for the function of immunity. This is known as immunopotentiation. Therefore an increase in the numbers of white blood cells boosts the immune system.
When aging, chronic pain and limited joint functions hinder individuals from mobility and performing various activities. Therefore the daily duties become difficult to perform. Sedentary lifestyles take over and the recreational activities seem like chores. The deer antler velvet is designed in such away as to increase the mobility and the joint function via increased lubrication.
The deer antler velvet also provides an individual with mental focus while having intense training sessions. Studies have shown that the deer velvet antlers have anti stress supplements that t end to lower the levels of the stress in the human blood. This also assists to slow down the aging properties by reduction of senility signs.
Generally if you are a body builder or an athlete deer velvet can:

  • Increase your body strength
  • Increase muscle mass
  • Enhance stamina and intensity workouts
  • Reduce the recovery time
  • Improve athletic performances
  • Reduce fat mass
  • Improve blood circulation

Safety of the Deer antler velvet
This is an all natural substance or supplement. It has therefore no side effects. However the consumers should follow the dosages provided to them by the physicians when using the following product.
It is important to note that for those individuals which are considering using this product they should be aware that the results should stop when you cease taking the supplement.
The results of using the product will depend from an individual to another. Some people tend to experience the results in a month while others only take as little as a week to experience the results.
The deer antler velvet product gives best results for those persons with a decline in growth hormonal levels. Since growth hormonal levels decrease with age this product may therefore not produce expected or significant results for persons under the age of 20 years.
Muscle maintenance and growth is vital for important aspects of fitness and health. Muscle is important proper postural alignment, functional activity and regulating metabolism. Deer antler velvet assists in muscle maintenance and growth that slows the aging process and other related physical limitations.

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